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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

England footballers fight knife crime - David Beckham, David James and Rio Ferdinand speak out

All of England's football team have launched an anti-knife campaign called 'It Doesn't Have To Happen'. Beckham is convinced the unified voices of footballers can persuade young people to stop using and carrying blades.

View the full BBC story visiting this link

View the website - 'It Doesn't Have to Happen'

If you're on Bebo, more information is here about this knife crime campaign

(Seems the web presence has been having some url changes but one of these links will work)

Launching the campaign prior to the England friendly warm up game before the forthcoming World Cup qualifiers, Rio Ferdinand recalled the time he attended the same school as Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed to death.

He said youngsters needed more initiatives to 'get busy'.

England goalkeeper David James said young people would do well to get more involved in sport, to focus on sport rather than thinking carrying blades was at all helpful or effective in building better lives.

Personally, I still think solutions to this UK scourge are much more complex, maybe mainly hampered by society offering very little to many young people who are almost powerless to aspire to better things. And while companies and organisations continue to be driven virtually solely by profit, the moral compass and landscape gets lost.

And it's not only young people struggling - you only have to look around and practically the entire UK working population is being crippled by massive rises in the cost of living, by corporations and governments sucking money out of homes like rivers running dry.

How can we inspire future generations when the current one that's in charge can't control the country's or world economics? And they're supposed to be the smart ones! Hardly a breeding ground for better things at present, perhaps.

It is also a concern at times that many better off folk such as business people, politicians and cash-rich organisations (some churches?), and especially the super-rich (like England footballers, I should point out), can prefer to focus on their own careers, lives and politics, while letting deprivation (such as knife and gun crime) develop and fester somewhere - as long as it is not in their backyard.

Hope I don't sound too negative - just think it's important to air some truths, surface some thorny issues to try to focus the debate around problem areas, develop priorities - not that I pretend to best articulate and fix this... I'm just blogging. But if you're not part of the knife crime solution, you're probably part of the problem.

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