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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Three key ideas to help solve knife crime problem

Reviewing and reflecting on the blade problem, there are at least three key ideas that I can see worth focusing on, worthy of serious investigation.
  • Main one is that the issue of knife crime is more about the criminals than the knives. Somehow we have to reach them, consistently, persistently, never give up on getting to them (via law enforcement, education, whatever.)
  • Second, an idea I can see has mileage is to manufacture blades without points, preferably with rounded, blunt tips. That way wounding could be minimised (as much as possible).
  • Thirdly, selling knives in shops via cabinets removes the need for time-consuming paperwork or registration / licensing schemes - yet is a viable, workable solution that all retail stores selling any kind of blade could adopt.
Interesting to think these could be real solutions - anyone out there who can help drive them forward? Do comment on this blog, or better still, badger politicians, shopkeepers and other retailers.

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