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Monday, August 25, 2008

Thoughts on tackling violent deaths after weekend of murder

Upsetting and depressing to see headlines declaring this was a weekend of murder - five violent deaths.

I've added some more information and research proving how greed in banking and business is creating knife crime, poverty and societal devastation (visit this link). Got to stop the evil in these people; they think it's ok to do this sort of thing.

Not sure it's worth talking about something heartening when there's now much pain, grieving and distress following the weekend wave of murderous deaths - but it's worth thinking how solutions can be found to save lives. I was watching an air ambulance tv programme. Helicopter paramedics saving a road accident victim from a likely death. Ten minutes to hospital after some expert flying. When we put our minds to it, us humans can apply best thinking and resources to save lives.

Let's keep up the massive pressure, campaigning and outcry about all violent deaths - knife, gun, savage beatings, whatever... always live and work in hope, faith and whatever else we can muster - massive amounts of these are good and needed!

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