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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shocking tally of teenagers killed in UK - 1 every 5 days

Violent deaths of young people in their teenage years for 2008 has reached 65 with nearly two thirds knifed to death. See Telegraph knife crime article. With this figure doubling over the last five years in England's capital city of London, police have decided to make the issue a leading priority to tackle across the UK.

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  1. It’s encouraging to see that the recent police crackdown on knife crime is having an effect, particularly in reducing the number of young people admitted to hospital with stab wounds by almost a quarter over the last half of the year. These figures do however have to be taken into context. As Gordon Brown alluded to in his comments at the release of the findings, these short term figures are encouraging but in the long term there is still allot to do. At Beatbullying we believe it vital that government builds on the police’s crack down by looking to change young people’s attitudes towards knife possession and violence as this is what is going to make the real difference over time.


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