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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Latest knife crime statistics - end of 2008

Something is clearly still very wrong with UK society when there are five to six fatal stabbings every week (depending which knife crime article you read).

I'm beginning to wonder if there are a hard core of people out there that believe violence is the answer to life's difficulties: 'if in doubt, lash out'.

Another part of me wonders how much of this is organised - gangs with a criminal or some kind of power-led, empirical agenda. Hidden webs of evil. It just seems kind of too regular for it to be just opportunistic. I'm trusting - and hoping - that's just paranoid thinking.

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  1. there is definitely something wrong with UK society. in France you have the situation (which i remember as being the case in the UK) when you can buy all kinds of knives in markets, newsagents etc and carry them in public. no-one cares. in which environment is violence endemic? which environment is overcrowded and is inhabited with people who don't respect the rules? yes. prison! i didn't see any CCTV in France, and saw very few speed cameras. it was a breath of fresh air to see some youths practising balisong flipping in a public park with no-one even noticing. there was no sense of menace at all, and no sense that these boys were flexing their capacity to do harm. it was a hobby like tai chi or something. in contrast, the UK is over-policed, over-populated, and (in cities anyway) is becoming an open prison. schools are ineffective at promoting discipline and self-respect. knives are harmless if owned and carried by harmless people. i carry a multitool everywhere. but young men are naturally competitive and take risks and if they are not forged into good citizens they will fight amongst themselves and form societies based on force.
    "if in doubt, lash out" yes there are a minority of people who are incapable of performing a lawful action, and are just thugs. the general populace are not allowed to carry non-lethal defensive products as are allowed in France, such as sprays, pistols which fire rubber pellets etc. if these were allowed, it would help people to protect themselves. plus we need a much faster method of prosecuting criminals.
    if someone is caught offending with a weapon (such as threatening someone or causing injury) then they should spend the night in the cells, see the magistrate in the morning, then off to jail in the afternoon. no arguments.
    however, i still believe in the right of law-abiding adults to own weapons.
    best regards


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