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Friday, April 10, 2009

Anti-knife crime work on Facebook

Anti-knife crime campaigning is alive and well on Facebook. Not sure if readers of this blog are aware but there is a huge number of anti-violence, knife and gun groups on FB.

Here's one I wanted to highlight - the Miles Not Knives Campaign (this is a Facebook link) is one of many worth following. Plenty of activity and many members.

If you wanted to feel you were contributing to the anti-knife campaigning, support Danny and his Facebook group!

When I joined, the organiser Danny O'Brien followed up with a personal message which I publish below to give you a flavour of his dedication etc.

Coming up he has a big fundraising walk some of you football fans may want to support - it's a 24-hour knife awareness walk between Tottenham and Arsenal football grounds starting Saturday May 30 at 10am.

Danny said:

"Thank you for joining my group and for offering your support. I am a novice at this anti-knife group compared to many. I was one of the main organizers of THE PEOPLES MARCH last September, but sadly that group disbanded afterwards and so this year I have formed my own group and already we have hit nearly 1,900 members. 

"What I lack in funds etc I make up in time spent online and out explaining the danger of knife crime. I am doing a 24 hour fund raising walk with money going to the Ben Kinsella fund. 

"I like to build up my own website, but not that IT clever and also trying to find a cheap price for printing t-shirts etc as I made a promise to make my group as proactive as poss in the battle against knife crime.

"Best Wishes Danny"

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