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Friday, June 12, 2009

George Kinsella on knife crime and sentencing of his son Ben's killers - video

Thought I would try to piece together the full text of the emotional but careful and measured reaction from George Kinsella to the sentencing of the killers of his 16-year-old son Ben Kinsella.

To my mind, it was an insightful, informative perspective on this nation's knife crime problem.

I'll add and edit this post over a few days - I need to trawl the web's news sources, get it into reasonable shape and order. Feel free to send your comments or parts of the reaction that I may miss or not got quite right.

Mr Kinsella said: "How many families like ours will have to stand on the street outside the Old Bailey to get justice?

"Knife crime is now sadly embedded in the heart of Great Britain, always running the lives of gangs and feral youths.

"Parents live in fear until their children are safely home. It could be a wrong word, a wrong look or the wrong postcode.

"In Ben's case, it was something which was nothing to do with him at all."

Life sentences for Ben Kinsella's killers - video of reaction and comment from family and officials at the Old Bailey after the knife crime case.

1 comment:

  1. It's time for life to start meaning life when it comes to putting people in jail for crimes like this.

    I'm all for rehabilitation, councelling and trying to get to the bottom of why people end up committing such horrible crimes, but that has to run in tandem with a very, long time inside.

    The guys that killed Ben should be very old men by the time they are considered for release, but instead they won't even be middle-aged.

    Where's the justice in that ?

    I don't understand how a judge can pass a sentence like that and live with himself.


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