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Monday, November 23, 2009

Destruction of men in their prime - by knives, guns and other weapons

"GooOOOD Morning VietNAM! It's time to rock + soul u from the delta to the DMC. It's 0600. [slight pause] What does the '0' stand for... Oh My God it's early."

Iraq and war are in the news (banks too in the City today - you'll need to read other parts of this blog to understand how this is connected to (knife) crime and violence - a couple of posts about 'banks' are shown here).

Violence and peace are intrinsically linked with this knife crime blog so had been thinking about Vietnam as well as wars generally - and that excellent film 'Good Morning Vietnam' with Robin Williams as DJ Adrian Cronauer.

The average age of the American soldier in the Vietnam conflict was 19... nineteen... Terrible, tragic waste of good, decent lives who were loved by many in life - not unlike many knife and gun crime victims :'-(

Death and destruction of men in their prime who's average age was 19. Is this what's happening in Afghanistan - while fat, bullied and bullying political leaders don't know how to get peace, they send in soldiers, sailors + air forces...

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