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Monday, January 18, 2010

'Miles Not Knives' (the 2010 anti-knife campaign)

Danny O'Brien agreed to introduce the 'Miles not Knives' campaign for 2010 on the knife crime blog:

Well, this is my first post for the knife crime blog.

'Miles not Knives' has been running for just over a year and in that time has grown in membership and I hope has established itself as an anti-knife group that does more then just sit on Facebook saying loads but doing nowt.

Much of my campaigning has been across London and I've met some amazing people. But I am hoping to do even more campaigning, including the strongest focus on raising knife crime awareness among even more people in 2010.

A 250-mile walk from Darlington to London is planned for later this year and I would also like to raise money for four other charities that help victims and their families.

I know I have been nominated for an award with a national paper, but that award in my eyes is for all those who believed in what I am trying to do.

Sadly I can't promise to end knife crime, but together we can try and save more lives than the numbers we have been losing at present. With more awareness we can do that.

warmest regards


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