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Saturday, January 30, 2010

‘Stop a stabber’ - text 88551 on your phone to stop knife criminals

Report anyone carrying or using a knife (or knives) now by texting 88551 on your mobile phone – and you stay anonymous.

It’s that easy. Simply type in as much information as you know about the knife criminals and send your message to 88551.

That’s it. An anonymous service (for knife-carrying) where you will not be identified as an informant. Piloted in London, the scheme is now running nationwide.

Kind of like to think that people using this service are like shrewd secret agents… a hidden army of Simon Templars and 007s out there keeping UK streets safe from deadly idiots and, more importantly perhaps, organised criminals and gangs.

It is recommended to text four key bits of info about the knife criminals:

1. Name and/or nickname
2. Postcode / area
3. School or workplace
4. School year / approx age

Normal texting costs apply (usual network rates) – and don’t forget to delete the text from your sent box to keep yourself squeaky clean!

(Sophisticated technology is used that’s been developed and run by mBlox and Anderson Software to ensure Crimestoppers cannot trace the mobile number or any other details about the text message sender.)

Let’s flippin’ use it, and let’s stop these knife wielding flippers… let’s ruin the lives of the ‘ungodly’…


  1. What is done with the information texted to the 88551 number? You say, "Report anyone carrying or using a knife..." To whom or what entity is the information reported? How is the information acted upon?

  2. Good to see the word about the 88551 texting number is spreading. Thanks for supporting this great service.

  3. The service is designed to be truly anonymous but would be investigated by the police (or perhaps other authorities, I imagine). You can ask the Caped Crimestopper who wrote the other comment on this post - he can give you more info.


  4. for goodness sake you should at least be a little responsible and make sure to mention that carrying a folding knife with a blade under three inches in entirely legal in posts like these. Otherwise we will end up with people reporting everyone with a swiss army knife or leatherman. Which is a waste of every-bodies time, especially the police.

  5. Thanks for your comment, UltraMagnus. Not sure it is a waste of time reporting people for carrying any sort of knife - you carry a knife, it makes sense to me that you accept the responsibility that comes with a potential weapon.

    Even in the Scouts and Guides, knife use for cutting and cooking is taken seriously. Sensible use of knives shouldn't be condoned. That said, we are trying to take knives out of the hands of would-be killers and idiots.

    Reporting people who may seem somewhat 'unstable' who carry knives seems a good place to start i.e. if you know someone like that, just text their details to 88551. It's that easy, don't you think? Or you tell me otherwise.


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