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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grief, anguish and agony when a loved one is killed

Death... when a partner, son, daughter, friend or other relative is killed by knife crime or gun crime, it is clear the grieving and agony of that loss remains forever.

Sometimes spending time in Facebook knife crime groups, I came across the terrible and horrific death of 18-year-old Jamie Kelly. His mum asked me to add a blog post about his killer, Peter Hollywood. Words cannot describe the depravity of this man - the way he stabbed Jamie is just not human.

Lorraine said: "I hope you do name and shame this man who took my son brutally with pure pleasure doing it. This man brutally killed my only child - he stabbed him 18 times ... How sick is this man? All my son was trying to do was stop a friend being stabbed. This fatty was with a huge crew of older men with blades. He tried to blag the court that Jamie was in a gang with blades."

Peter Hollywood, killer (aged 33) - a nasty disposition, surely...

You can join a Facebook group demanding justice for Jamie - aka Bumper, and you can read more about Lorraine's grieving and suffering after her son's knife crime death in a Wirral News interview.


  1. this evil man hollywood was double my sons age and double his size, he didnt kill my son alone, he had a big crew with blades but unfortunately only 1 other was charged jonathan mcdonald who started the whole thing that ended my sons young life, a jury set the main killer free(why)? the others who helped kill jamie wasnt enouph evidence but he suffered at the hands of more than 9 people that day on 14/09/09 which killed me lifes over without my son...lorraine kelly.

  2. thanks for posting my story, my son jamie will be 20 on 18/11/10 he only lived 18 years because of hollywood . my hearts broken without my only child ....

  3. Why was this man jailed alone? what happened to jointenterprise? was it not used against jonathan mcdonald who is clearly the sole reason this boy is dead. im discusted at this justice system we have, how are we ment to teach are children right from wrong?
    When murdere,s walk free from horrific crimes like this one.

  4. here is jamie,s life for just 18 year,s. H e was a lovely lad and taken so brutally.

    I am jamie,s mum lorraine and i thank Mark Chapman for telling my son jamie,s story.


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