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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kitchen knife block in poor taste: picture of 'stabbed' voodoo person

SOME kind of sicko no doubt thought there is humour designing a kitchen knife block that resembles a plastic voodoo doll. What kind of person buys this for their house? I know - a teenage lad (not yet a man) who thinks it's hilarious / cool / novel / hard etc; or it could be a nutter who actually relates to/enjoys mimicking stabbings in the head and body. Sick.
Stabbed figure - 'Voodoo' kitchen knife block

Cashing in on knife crime... in a range of colours


  1. have u proof these are still on sell......because i am sure them came out about 2 years ago and there was such an out cry they where with drawn
    Danny @ ANTI-KNIFE UK

  2. Yes Dan - it's on sale in Whitby; I picked up the story from Facebook. Are you familiar with the Chris Cave Foundation on there? Theresa Cave is planning to take it up with the shop(s) there this week.

  3. I don't think that kind of knife holder is good for children to see... it will definitely make their minds wild and even worst think that stabbing a person is just acceptable and okay. Products such as this should be regulated. What you guys think?

  4. I am 32 and grew up on violent films and video games etc etc and we never had the issues that have plagued society today. I believe that there are other factors which are contributing to these crimes and trends, like media glorifying crime and pushing us "rich people" shows in our face to make people feel like they must do whatever it takes to be big and powerful and all these musician/rappers/gangsters are pushing trends too. People are using more drugs as well to escape reality and live these wannabe lifestyles.

    As for the knife holder I don't think its that much of a big deal and most people are going overboard about it. I cant see it being an instrument to create current or future knife attackers

  5. you are right they are really bad taste. I can see how they appeal to some people but for the young amongst us its not a good example one bit


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