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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knife crime campaigners: keep on pushing, don't be discouraged...

We have to wonder if efforts to curb knife crime are having much effect after latest knife crime statistics show four in 10 youth killings are from blades.

Having said that, I detect signs of hope that we may win this campaigning... we are fortunate in this country (UK) to have the lowest knife death rates in Europe (see Guardian story - Knife is most common weapon used in killings of young people)

So take heart... be encouraged... keep up the pressure... "keep on pushing, don't be discouraged"... anti-knife crime campaigners continue to unite - we can beat such a terrible scourge affecting this nation and countries around the world. Dream on and the shanking yobs and knife criminals we'll beat...

STOP PRESS: Offensive weapons crimes such as those involving knives have fallen to their lowest level for ten years, according to latest police statistics (I think they are Scottish stats). Still a long way to go but read more here - Knife crime at lowest level for a decade.

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  1. Its the most common because its the most readily available and smallest with a lethal outcome. If there were guns available it would be the preferred choice. These idiots which use knives or guns are wanna be gangsters getting in on a trend. Seems like today everyones a "tough guy". If you accidentally bump into someone it could mean the end of your life. Death over small and stupid things. society has succumbed to an all time low and I'm glad I grew up in better times,it wasn't all perfect but better than today thats for sure! Education on tolerance and respecting others is whats needed. These kids have grown up in an environment where it wasn't good to punish them but talk nicely so they understand things, guess what? it doesn't work. We used to cop a beating and were taught to respect others and they're property. Thats what they needed. Maybe we should go back to the old fashioned way because thats what seemed to work.


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