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Friday, April 29, 2011

Latest knife crime statistics - Spring 2011

Numbers of crimes using knives last year (2010) have fallen 4.26% - total 'knife crimes' are recorded by police as 29259 which is 1301 less than 2009.

Can't help thinking the work of anti-knife crime campaigners everywhere is helping make this difference. We can take some credit for that significant drop, hopefully. That said, with all statistics, a healthy scepticism and closer examination is pretty much always required.

Still, looks like progress, and if these latest knife crime figures convey a reasonable picture of progress, we can consider that our campaigning works and we need to stay strong and focused on improving the work done so far and dripping the anti-knife crime message into our communities and those inclined to violence.

It is a mammoth mountain still to climb of course. And no-one can replace - or forget - loved ones who have been lost to blades and other weapons. Imagine these facts alone are enough to keep us pushing on though.

More statistics on knife crime:

Knife killings totalled 200 in 2010, three more than the 197 recorded in 2009. And behind that figure lies the tragedy of many people trying to re-build lives after losing loved ones.

Attempted murders using knives were shown to fall by 57 to 206, 22% less than the 263 recorded in 2009.

Closer inspection of the 2010 knife crime statistics shows robberies using knives rose to 14279, a three (3) per cent increase from recorded knife robberies in 2009 (13908).

Robbers with knives are ones to be wary of - killers in waiting. Do you know any thieves? They seem more likely to use knives so worth trying to target them.

Rapists too seem to favour using knives to get their sickening way. An 11% increase in rapes with knives has been recorded - from 213 blade rapes in 2009 to 239 last year.

Threats to kill using knives also rose year-on-year in 2010 from 1,419 to 1,454. Gun /  firearms crimes dropped seven (7) per cent last year.

Collection anomalies mean West Midlands police force figures are not included in this analysis - which means conclusions reached above might be off the mark. Can anyone send me this data?

Figures sourced from the British Crime Survey and police statistics in England and Wales via an article in The Guardian.


  1. hey
    Great blog about knife crime but you made a mistake in one of the statistics
    "2010 knife crime statistics shows robberies using knives rose to 14279, a three (3) per cent increase from recorded knife robberies in 2009 (14279)"
    It would be great if you could update this.
    thank you

  2. I've updated the erroneous statistic now that crept in - thanks for spotting and letting me know. mark.

  3. You have spelt Totaled wrong in the 6th paragraph jade and dan.

  4. great statistics i hope u make a blog for the statistics at the end of 2011. as we are now in 2012 it would be good :)

  5. This information was very useful for my project on knife crime at school, so hard to find knife crime statistics at the moment, thanks for this, Jess.

  6. Am pleased the information is useful for research; that was one of the reasons for setting up this knife crime blog. Feel free to send me a write-up of your project etc and I can post it on the blog, or a summary of it.

    thanks, mark.

  7. good info thanks

  8. Oh harro der!

  9. Awesome, thanks

  10. A man that carries a knife is more likely to get stabbed than a man that doesn't carry a knife.

    If a mugger came up to me brandishing a knife and I reached round to my back pocket and pulled one out myself, it will come down to who is the quickest because the mugger will then be in survival mode and stab you before he gets stabbed

  11. I have carried tactical knives for years without any need to defend myself. Coupled with some self defense training and being aware of surroundings I feel safer and better prepared for an encounter and a plan for options.

  12. Good article but I think you should name these hotspots as I need them for my geography work


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