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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Singer Skyler Jett backs UK knife crime campaigning

PROMINENT US singer and songwriter Skyler Jett has put his backing behind UK anti-knife crime campaigning by releasing a peace song and allowing the UK's Knife Crime blog to publish his record.

Speaking exclusively to the UK's Knife Crime blog, Skyler said: "My wife is from the UK. It's knives over there with you and guns over here.

You can play the peace song here: Peace Is The Answer

Renowned for being the lead singer of The Commodores, replacing Lionel Richie in 1982 (if only briefly), Skyler has also worked with greats such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

He said: "The reason young people lash out is because we've lost communication with them. They need love and guidance. We're letting them create their own reality where they think violence is the answer while I believe Peace is - and I'm ready to teach young people through music.

"I'm a humanitarian it's what I do. I'd love to come and perform for the youth reaching out to save a life sure can't hurt. I believe the change starts with us we have to be positive role models to our youth.

"Today it seems like the elders are scared of these kids but thank God there are some mentors still ready to try. Bless you for not giving up and spreading the word. We just have to keep trying to get the word out to anyone thats willing to listen."

"Count me in. Like my song says: PEACE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER."

Skyler Jett speaks out on violence and knife crime

He said: "I want to say stop the violence; that's why I write songs about humanitarian causes. I presently live in Napa Valley Wine Country, although in my youth, I grew up in Oakland, California, which is now ranked number five in the country for high crime. Unfortunately, black-on-black crime accounts for a substantial percentage of that statistic.

"I invite you to listen to my latest humanitarian recording of "Peace Is The Answer" which I've just written and recorded following a long discussion with a friend of mine who lives in the Chicago area. We were talking about how troubling it is to see the statistics of high crime and how such an epidemic needs an anthem where we can make an earnest effort to help cease the violence, and bring communities together, not just in Chicago but the rest of the US and the world.

Being a humanitarian and a recording artist, I know only too well the importance of such an anthem and the challenge of breaking through to touch our youth and our brothers and sisters.

"I am sending "Peace Is The Answer" to you in the hope that it resonates within your heart and inspires you to pass it on to the champions of this cause.  A few days ago I watched Tom Joyner discussing this very subject on CNN."

"We would be honored if you would work with us in the Peace Movement, beginning with the promotion of 'Peace Is The Answer'."

More information about Skyler Jett - and you can check out details on Wikipedia.

He said: "As a songwriter/recording and performing artist this is one of the best ways I know to contribute humanitarily.  I will immediately begin bringing the dream to reality, in the production of a video, where all youth across the globe put their guns down simultaneously.

"Help me to pass the Peace along. Put down the guns and knives. Peace Is The Answer!"


  1. This is soooooo exciting! No one in the industry has come out to bring attention to the violence that taking a generation. There has not been a venue for celebrities to show their support to our youth and let them know that this industry does care about them. It's time to do just that before the summer kills or injures hundreds of young people nationally. Those who die through the violence,those who commit the crimes and those who are injured by it.

    God Bless You All for being the first to show openly that the youth in this nation are cared, loved and supported.

  2. Wonder what the anonymous commenter meant saying: 'poser'? Some strange abuse, it seems. Thought I'd illustrate the mindset of some idiots by posting their comment, hiding behind anonymity. A thought comes to mind: "People like this are part of the problem, not the solution"... Some people.

  3. Solar Security Solutions08/09/2011, 14:28

    Thing is Peace IS the answer but what confuses many young people is the media's addiciton to producing violent films/tv series and video games. Unless a solution is sought to combat this then what the young see in the media is copied out on the streets... its as if being violent is seen as something powerful and cool, no wonder older folk prefer to stay indoors, reasonably safe in the security of their own home...


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