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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goldman Sachs Richard Sharp on BBC Newsnight

I just watched Richard Sharp, a former 'chief' at Goldman Sachs, on BBC Newsnight try to justify financial collapse and misery for millions (and a recent increase in knife crime), and thought I would make a comment...

He, and others like him, are greatly responsible for the current world financial mess. It's an unjustifiable position. Look at the dying. He needs to become a nurse and care for those who have been devastated by financial money men's ceaseless, slave-ish demands for 'return' and poor business decisions of the past.

Anyway, we all should look ahead, learn from the past, and then make positive plans for improvements in the future to reduce knife and violent crime

Not sure about this knife crime post. Maybe it should be deleted or added to... but I just watched Goldman Sachs' Richard Sharp and clearly saw a flawed, idiotic generation... People have died, been shot, knifed to death - and business, finance, the rich are at least partly responsible for not helping to build a better society.


  1. This has got nothing to do with knife crime and quite frankly he made a lot of relevant points. The woman he argued against had no idea what she was even for just, like you and lot of others, jumping on a popular bandwagon of blaming bankers for every possible problem



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