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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Self-esteem key for people to achieve peaceful aspirations

One of the issues raised by this blog over time – and more widely across UK society – when considering this country’s ills and what maybe blighting the lives of the young and others who involve themselves in criminal activity, including knife crime, is their inability to have or realise aspirations to enjoy a better, non-criminal life.

This is not a post that is an apologist’s view putting the criminal above the innocent crime victim and their friends and families; it is merely a relatively short point of discussion to try to reasonably present one solution area, among hopefully many that do exist (including those that are more punishment-based than, say, ‘social work’).

So, the thought is about one possible solution, if that’s what it can be called, which is around the area of individual self-esteem.

It could be argued people who choose to carry a knife are demonstrating some kind of self-esteem. More specifically, this is likely to be warped and perverse… a bullying arrogance and a desire for power and control over victims (while they have no ability to control other external influences and environments).

On the opposite pole is positive self-esteem... which is quite the opposite of knife-carrying and stabbing. It is in fact the key to realising peaceful aspirations. Being able to develop one’s own voice, to assert one’s self confidently in the world, to assert one’s own values such as kindness, co-operation and sharing – values we need to reform and reshape the world.

I’ll leave that thought with you. Let me know what you think, as time allows? Thanks.