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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Passionate anger in pursuit of peace in the knife crime business

As time goes on with knife crime campaigning, or indeed any kind of campaign, things can become less motivating where progress seems difficult to achieve. I just thought I'd write a short piece about giving up... or rather not giving up - it's worth keeping on.

It is quite isolating at time writing a blog; I've tried to contact some key people, kept focus on the key issues (and probably strayed off script at times), always invited comments, passed on Facebook details, tried to make time where there seems little to find. Staying motivated can be a struggle - one can get tired, weary etc and wonder if things will really change that much, especially as the killings and injury crime figures keep on piling in.

That said, when someone fatally stabbed dies in your arms, I don't think the motivation to change things can leave you.

And to campaign for peace does not mean being passive. In fact, a form of aggression is needed, determination, perseverance. Some aggression is not necessarily negative - combined with passion, it can drive an athlete on to achieve; it can drive on those campaigning for justice, truth, change in the knife and violent crime business.

To know criminally-minded people are killing and injuring others will always be wrong. Moderation in the face of such devastation must not be countenanced. It is necessary to become angry when people do not put down the knives, the guns.

Such anger is not 'out of control' - it is essential to try to restore proper order. We probably need our own house in order too, but a moderate reaction just won't do. Just as many are angered by corrupt bankers and greedy corporations and businessmen in recent economic times,  so it is with knife carriers. Criminal, evil acts must not be tolerated.

An aggressive pursuit of justice and truth, of change for the better is required. It is essential - and it is a peaceful pursuit.


  1. keep up the good work and hope we meet up again sometime Danny O'Brien...ANTI-KNIFE UK

    1. hi Dan - good to hear from you, thanks for the support as ever :-) m.

  2. My son was stabbed 4 times in his neck in July 2010 I'm lucky he's still alive but we both still have nightmares. The police have dropped the case because they haven't got enough witnesses but what happens next time when the thug kills someone's child. More people need to protest about this terrible crime but unless someone is killed I DON'T THINK ANYONE CARES. No-one wanted to give us support I telephoned victim support three times and it's now nearly 20 months later and I'm still waiting for a reply..
    Marsha Franks Bury Lancashire

  3. Hi Marsha - Some people do care, though it does seem difficult. Visit my knife crime facebook account - - to see how some of the many people are caught up in and trying to tackle knife crime. Drop me a message, ask to be my FB friend there... mark.

  4. I am Jamie Kelly,s mum and im so glad to see that evil man peter hollywood,s face on this website so the world now know,s what he look,s like and what he done to my son stabbing him 18 times and he was double my son jamie,s age and doulbe if not treble his size. thankyou Mark Chapman.
    Lorraine Kelly


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