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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to take knife carriers off the streets?

IT WAS horrendous to read of a man being stabbed to death by a young father - the victim approached the parent because his child was crying and was attacked for caring.

Expressing concern for the child, it was reported that Alan Smith (63) approached Matthew Quesada about the distressed tot in the BB Café at Leyton, east London.

Quesada then apparently lost the plot, first swearing at Mr Smith who took flight with his family, retreating to Roma café which was close by. Then Quesada went home, picked up a knife and returned to the café neighbourhood to attack Mr Smith.

Mr Smith was stabbed five (5) times in front of his partner and daughter with Quesada not saying a word but attacking him frenziedly, it was reported at the Old Bailey.

Words fail me to adequately describe the type of person who could do this.

If you know anyone with a knife, text their details to this number now - 88551. I hand out this number with my anti-knife crime campaign card (see below). Maybe you could make up some cards and hand out this number too - why not give it a go... you could help clean up the streets.

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