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Saturday, January 24, 2015

How weapons sellers try to cash-in on the UK's knife crime blog

BELOW is a screenshot of someone's conscience-less attempt to promote weapons sales via this blog. I've had quite a few of these comments fairly regularly.

The red text 'Small Game Hunting Weapons' is a link to Paul Mitchell's (not a real person or name by the looks of it) airguns portal page that promotes hotels. The Paul Mitchell link is a Google account that goes to a strange spam-type Google+ page marketing loads of questionable products.

In my work as a digital consultant, at first glance this looks like an attempt to manipulate search engines via link farming-type activity; companies probably pay 'Paul Mitchell' - or whatever link building network he represents - to build artificial links for products (like weapons) to try to trick search engines, especially Google, to promote his dodgy online businesses.

Trying to make money from the victims, and campaigners against, knife crime

I may delete this attempt to cash in on knife and gun crime in due course - but aim to report it to Google first; will think on it. Reminds me of the fanatical and perverse American guns and weapons lobby and how they try to justify violence and killing. I'm highlighting this here to show the type of immoral nutters you get trying to make money via online methods from other people's misery - sickening. With some action by me and a little luck, 'Paul D Mitchell's' business will get worse.

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