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Thursday, February 18, 2016

ANY Government comment on current 27% increase in violent crime? No!

STRANGE, isn't it, that Government politicians are apparently still not making any comment on recent figures showing a 27% increase in violent crime...?

And established news media are also staying somewhat silent, imho - not calling to account those elected officials who should be publicly demonstrating how they are making the public safe.

Maybe the British Government can do nothing at present when the Prime Minister David Cameron and 'his staff' are working on EU deals overseas... or to make any statements about rising crime are likely, perhaps, to be downright terrifying to the general population?

For the record, in my recent post indicating national statistics showed violent crime had risen 27%, I flagged claims that gangs were the main reason for the rise in violent crime as possibly inaccurate.

So I checked.

I found the Mayor of London's office states gangs accounted for about 20% of reported violent crime (source: So 80%  of violence is committed by non-gang criminals.

  • Perhaps the Mayor's office is not wanting to admit the true scale of gang activity (or organised crime) taking over the capital.
  • Perhaps there are fears about such high levels of violent crime being, of course, bad for tourism and business footfall across the city, even the country.
  • Perhaps the police have it all in hand and the recorded crime numbers are being used to prove a case for more officers on the streets?

How can we know what to believe?

Whatever, there is a huge trend upwards in violent crime reported just now.

I noticed Labour's shadow Home Office / Police minister @JackDromeyMP has condemned the rise and highlighted police cuts - but Labour hasn't done much else.

Labour probably like watching the Tories squirm. However, people are being injured and killed so that would be complacent and negligent.

Perhaps all those in power or opposition with handsome public salaries are keeping their heads below the parapet? And then, with terrorism issues abounding too, it is likely our uniformed protectors on the front line are overstretched.

Whatever, one wonders what is going on that this serious rise in violence is currently not being addressed by any nationally-coordinated, reassuring, proactive, observable government / public action? Bizarre.

And now we have the legal changes being wrought by the UK Supreme Court to joint enterprise.

Feels like this country is sleepwalking into some kind of violence nightmare. Perhaps the death penalty will return next.

Stop Press: That said, the Met police have been hard at work stepping up stop and search, the Evening Standard has reported... Thank goodness - despite the Home Secretary Theresa May previously not sanctioning it!

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