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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

KNIFE crime statistics - latest data of 2016

MEDIA and political coverage of the steady increase in violent crime including murders and knife crime - now up to 28,000-plus attacks and threats per year - is, frankly, risible.

Why is there not more concern?

Anyone in their right mind wants to stay safe, not be set upon by some violent thug or gang member. So why little focus and louder protests in the public arena trying to stop this? Bizarre.

Homicides are up 11% (573 murders, an increase of 56) and offences involving knives and sharp instruments have increased from Sept 2015 by 9% to 28,008.

Just look at this long list of knife crimes carried by the Mirror online edition.

The Office for National Statistics state there is "anecdotal evidence" - or perhaps a more accurate term is 'hearsay' - that "a tightening of recording procedures" may account for this steady increase for the reporting year ending December 2015 - read report.

Are you not very worried...?

I am.

That's why I'm currently planning a major fundraising drive later this year - the 3 Peaks Challenge - to try to stop sickening people committing knife crimes that are sickening and distressing.

Money raised from climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK (Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis) will go towards knife crime education especially of young people.

There is no future carrying and using a knife. Death, prison, punishment and pain are just some of the awful consequences.

I'm raising money for The Ben Kinsella Trust. More details can be found at my Virgin Giving site - please don't hesitate - donate to educate... and stop this menace, this scourge.

#3PeaksForBen - The Ben Kinsella Trust are fundraising by climbing UK mountains 

Please support the fundraising. This is about saving lives - stopping knife crime is not easy, just like climbing mountains... it's a marathon not a sprint. Every little helps though. Join the group from The Ben Kinsella Trust on our mountain journey, support us - thanks.

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