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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Knife and firearms crimes now up to c.34,000

TERRIBLE to record that knife and gun crimes are continuing to grow each year - latest data shows increases by more than 10% (28,664) and 4% (5,127) respectively.

Public authorities appear complacent where the former Home Office minister and now PM Theresa May is saying nothing, and the ONS (Office for National Statistics) apparently tries to gloss over the situation by stating longer term figures 'look better when compared to 2011 data'.

Fears about the current rise in violent crime are not calmed by reference back to statistics from a few years ago. Just as the ONS state there are current issues and anomalies with data collection, past figures could be inaccurate too.

The trend in England and Wales is upward, and has been for about two years at least - so what is being done about it?

One quote from a minister at the Justice department states people carrying knives can expect a custodial sentence; little other information indicates authorities are developing effective solutions.

London has committed £400k to projects across the capital - but national impetus seems to lack coordination and drive.

Knife crimes statistics in various regions of the country

Media coverage tends to focus on lack of measures to solve the problem, citing cuts in police numbers on the street leading to more violence in the country:

Campaigning mum Theresa Cave, whose son Chris was killed in a knife attack, is a regular visitor to schools with an anti-knife programme called POINT7.

She said: "I think education and deterrents are the answer, as well as stricter laws that fit the crime. Until examples are made of criminals then it will unfortunately continue to get worse."

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  1. The trouble with any figures from the ONS is that they have to be treated as suspect. Generally, the government of the day will sugar the pill so to speak, burying bad stats by bringing the more palatable statistics to the fore, such as the old chestnut of employment figures (which are always suspect, since these usually are fudged to a favourable figure with additions and subtractions, such as current availability of floating resources, eg: temporary contractors, consultants, agency labour and so on).

    If knife crime figures are assuaged by the current administration to suit the political climate, the chances are that they probably fail to take into account events such as failed knife attacks, glassings and other items that can cause comparable life changing injuries.


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