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Sunday, November 06, 2016

POPPIES + peace... fighting for peace with flowers

THE POPPY, at this time of year (a time remembering the slaughter of many in wars) is a poignant reminder of lives gone, people dead at the hands of often poor quality politicians (and/or political system) and stupid powers-that-be, lives laid down as a form of self-defence, defending families and populations at home.

I've been reading several articles about wearing a poppy in November in the run-up to the Armistice remembrance - a longing for peace marked by similarly poor quality politicians who have sent many to their deaths in the past.

I look at the huge numbers of poppies that abound at this time and 'see' a sea of blood, wasted lives, societies and families losing their children, parents, friends and other loved ones. People worth remembering - and then prompting thoughts of how to achieve peace.

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