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Saturday, September 27, 2008

People's Marchers an inspiration - taking on society's ills...

Watching and reading news coverage of the People's March against knife crime was inspiring. There has been a transformation in attitudes to knife crime over a few years. We've called the establishment to account.

The police were justifying their work, saying those arrested with knives were being prosecuted; the prime minister was justifying himself, saying a clear message was being established that knife carrying will not be tolerated.

That march (see BBC knife crime peace march coverage), quite rightly, was full of angry, agitated people doing what's required.

With this blog, I've been trying to highlight social ills that are causing divisions, issues etc: not least violence, crime and a struggling, poor, unequal political and financial system.

I try to do something by publicising these problems: challenging the systems, people, ideas that produce them. What I liked about the People's March is it took the struggle to the streets, struggling to overcome the problems associated with knife crime by agitating for peace.

As we strive to be better citizens, we look to others’ interests rather than to our own; we look beyond our small world, which may enjoy satisfaction and fulfillment, to look out into a world where people suffer and die. Again, this march went beyond talk and became involved in action for the transformation of this country, of knife-carriers and stabbers.

I'm fed up with these politicians on gravy train careers, same with those banker, financial adviser types, and the 'aggressive employed'. They all seem focused on their own lives, giving little to aspire for the disadvantaged and struggling, those that dream of doing more. Think they help create a crime culture.

I wish I'd been among the marchers that day but one of the reasons I didn't go was not really having enough money to make the journey to London - my family needs food, accommodation and heating... as many of you know, economic times are tough. Still, that didn't stop me praying and imagining myself there. I tell you, I am anti-knife and gun crime and always will be... To all the marchers - well done. I'm with you, let's keep going.

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