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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gun-toting Christians in the USA

Should a Christian country like the USA be advocating owning and carrying guns as readily as it does? Packing heat, waiting to shoot someone, is not the peaceful way Christ advocated was it?

This cartoon in The Economist magazine probably sums up the situation well...

Guns and Christians in the Unites States of America

Like knives, gun carrying should be a crime. It is in the UK. Such ready access to death and injury sticks that US citizens have is nothing to 'enjoy' or take pride in.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How gun control can prevent mass killings like at Newtown, Connecticut, USA

A GUN massacre on the US East Coast causing the deaths of some 27 children and teachers has put the spotlight back on gun control.

In the Connecticut killings, police sources identified a 20-year-old man, Adam Lanza, to have carried out the Newtown school massacre. It is also reported that the man shot his mother, Nancy Lanza - a teacher at the school - at a connected crime scene in the town.

It seems appropriate to repeat a previous blog post that provides clear evidence, a justifiable case for making it illegal to carry arms.

The case is indisputable: easier access to guns has caused more deaths / killings in the USA - FACT. For that reason, gun controls must be imposed to prevent more people dying, especially innocents like children and teachers.

Here's a quite from my previous blog post:

From 'The Case for Gun Control' by Fareed Zakaria: "Gun violence in America is off the chart compared to every other country on the planet. The gun-homicide rate per capita in the US is 30 times that of Britain and Australia, 10 times that of India and four times that of Switzerland.

"... [The USA] does have many, many more guns. There are 88.8 firearms per 100 people in the US. In second place is Yemen with 54.8, then Switzerland with 45.7 and Finland with 45.3. No other country has a rate above 40. The US handgun-ownership rate is 70% higher than that of the country with the next highest rate."

And an indisputable fact is very obvious: crime has been falling over the past few decades in the US. Specifically, while violent crime rates have fallen by 20%, numbers of firearm homicides is essentially unchanged. Zakaria makes the blindingly obvious point: "What can explain this anomaly except easier access to guns?" 

To read the full post on this blog, visit 'Lessons for UK knife crime from gun control in the USA'
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